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Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Basic Concepts and Architecture

·         Overview of service-oriented architecture (SOA)

·          Overview  XML, XSD, X Path, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI

·         The basic concepts of Oracle BPEL Process Manager

·          BPEL Process Manager components


·         Overview of the fusion architecture

·         Overview of the Weblogic server

·         Overview of the soa server and bam server and Meta data schemas.

·         Creating the soa domain

·         Creating the soa server and bam server

·         Installation steps soa suite 11g

·         Preparing the start and stop scripts for soa server

·         Start and stop the admin server


Interaction Patterns


·         Orchestrate services through BPEL for a Synchronous Service

·         Orchestrate services through BPEL for One-way.

·         Orchestrate services through BPEL for an Asynchronous Service


SCA Architecture

·         Description of Composite xml.

·         Source code Explanation of BPEL File.

·         Source code Explanation WSDL File.

·         Source code Explanation of Component Type File.


Hello World BPEL Process

·         Synchronous Hello World process.

·         Explanation of Below Activities.


o   Receive Activity Syntax.

o   Invoke Activity Syntax.

o   Reply Activity Syntax.

o   Assign Activity.

o   BPEL Variables.

o   Relationship between BPEL Variables and WSDL messages.

o   Deploying the application

ü  Creation the connection for SOA server.

ü  Major & Minor Application Version.

ü  Compilation

ü  Build

ü  Deployment Tab

ü  SOA

o   Application Testing in the SOA Server



Parallel Processing and Conditional Branching


·         Processing with Parallel Flows

o   Using Flown activity

o   Using Flow activity

·         Conditional Branching

o   Switch Activity

o   Limitation of the Receive activity

o   Pick activity to implement the timeouts

o   Pick activity to receive inputs from multiple operations into a single BPEL


Fault Handling and Exception Management


·         Fault types

o   System Faults

o   Business Faults

·         Fault handling

§  Process based fault handling

§  System fault handling

·         For synchronous services

·         For asynchronous

§  Business Faults

o   For synchronous services

o   For asynchronous


§  Policy based fault handling





Transformation Services


·         Transformation Service

·          Map Testing and Analysis

·          XSLT Mapping Tool


Adapters and Accessing Adapter from BPEL


·         Adapter Framework

·         File Adapter

o   Read   Operation