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Oracle Identity and Access Management 11g R1

ü  Complete practical approach, right from installation to configuration and admin(Hands on approach)

ü  All configuration documents, so that you can implement on your own.

ü  Topic Explanation followed by practical demonstration.

ü  Complete Suite Implementation (OAM, OIM, OID), RCU, Webgate, OHS, BI Publisher, ODSEE, Custom Applications.

1) OAM 11g - Around 30+ hours

·         Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite 11g Component Overview (OAM, OIM, OID, OVD, ODSM, OAAM)

·         Installation and configuration of Oracle Access Manager(DB, RCU, Weblogic, OAM, OID)

·         OHS 11g installation

·         Configuration of OHS 11g Instances

·         Installation of OAM 11g WebGate11gR2

·         Create a New Domain and Configure the OAM Server

·         Configuring Database Security Store for the Domain

·         Register the OAM 11g R2 WebGate with OAM 11g R2 Server

·         Working with WLS Embedded LDAP Directory and Default OAM User Identity Store

·         Configuring and working with OID as the New Identity Store for OAM

·         Creating OID Authenticator

·         Making Use of OID as the User Store for OAM Authentication

·         Deploying Custom Application

·         Unprotect and protect the application

·         Configuring Single Sign On for the deployed application.

·         Managing resources, Authentication Policies, Authorization Policies.

·         Managing constraint.

·         Single Sign-On and Session Management

·         Customizing the login page.

·         Demonstrating the Single Sign on

·         Observing Cookies.

·         Working with Identity Constraint, Authentication Schemes

·         Session Management

·         Customize Login Page








2) OIM 11g - Around 30+ Hours

·         OIM 11g Overview

·         Will cover all latest topic of OIM11gR2 with practical demonstration(Application Instance, Sandboxes(Sandbox import/Export) and Checkout/Cart,Scheduled Jobs, Lookup Configuration, Creating Entitlement, Password Policy)

·         Installation of Oracle Identity Manager Suite/ SOA Suite / OUD Server(As sample application).

·         Configuring Oracle Identity Manager.

·         Working with OIM Design Console, Administrative and User Console

·         create and manage records for organizations, roles, and users

·         Installing Oracle Directory Server EE, Configuring ODSEE/OUD(creating prefixes, loading sample data)

·         Importing and using a predefined connector (ODSEE/OUD) for OIM.

·         Working with Connector

·         Direct provisioning

·         Working with auto membership rules and access policies (Auto Provisioning or Criteria Based Provisioning)

·         Modifying provisioning process.

·         Working with provisioning process.

·         Working with workflow approvals, creating/modifying approval policies, request templates and managing requests created by a user.

·         Working with JDeveloper - Deploy and Register Custom SOA Composites

·         Working with requests.

·         Implementing authoritative and account reconciliation workflows for OIM.

·         Managing user access in OIM.

·         Working with authorization policies.

·         OIM - Admin and troubleshooting.


Approach for both OIM and OAM is, take sample applications and demonstrate how things work in an enterprise.