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Online Informatica Training Course Details: (40 hrs only)




Ø  History of Informatica

Ø  Opportunities of Informatica

Ø  Other ETL tools

Ø  Power centre Administration

Ø  Informatica Power centre architecture

Ø  Power centre components

Ø  ETL Plan

Ø  Power centre Clients

Ø  Designer

Ø  Workflow manager

Ø  Work Flow monitor

Ø  Workflow manager

Ø  Repository manager

Ø  Power center repository

Ø  Administrative tool

Ø  Repository services

Ø  Integration services

Ø  Power center domain

Ø  Application services

Ø  Concept of nodes and grid

Ø  Service manager

Ø  Power center administration console

Ø  Repository Administration

Ø  Creating Repository Users and Groups.

Ø  Connecting to the Repository.

Ø  Creating a Group

Ø  Assigning Privileges to a Group.

Ø  Creating a User

Ø  Creating a Folder

Ø  Folder Permissions

Ø  Creating shortcuts








Ø  Types of Transformations

Ø  Connected and Unconnected Transformations

Ø  Active and Passive Transformations

Ø  Creating Source Tables

Ø  Creating Target Definitions

Ø  Creating Target Tables

Ø  Creating source definitions

Ø  Creating a Mapping

Ø  Connecting Transformations

Ø  Transformation Creation

Ø  Importing sources and targets (database objects)

Ø  Importing sources and targets (flat files and XML files)

Ø  Using Transformations

Ø  Aggregator Transformation

Ø  Expression Transformation

Ø  Lookup Transformation (Connected and Un Connected)

Ø  Union Transformation

Ø  Joiner Transformation

Ø  Normalizer Transformation

Ø  SQL Transformation

Ø  Filter Transformation

Ø  Sequence Generator Transformation

Ø  Stored Procedure Transformation

Ø  Source Qualifier Transformation

Ø  Router Transformations

Ø  Rank Transformations

Ø  Update Strategy Transformation

Ø  XML Parser Transformation

Ø  XML Generator Transformation

Ø  SQL Override in source qualifier Transformation and lookup Transformation

Ø  Connecting the Target