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OSB 11g


·         Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

·         OSB Architecture

·         Oracle Fusion Middleware stack

·         Role of Oracle Service Bus


OSB Message Flow

·         Introducing the Oracle Service Bus Resources

·         Message Context Model and Message Context Variables

·         Message Flow and the Nodes/Elements of a Message Flow

Creating a basic OSB service

·         Defining a folder structure for the OSB project

·         Creating a business service to call an external SOAP-based web service

·         Generating a simple pass-through proxy service

·         Testing the proxy service through the OSB console

·         Testing the proxy service through soapUI

·         Creating proxy service with a WSDL based interface

·         Using a routing action to statically route to another service

·         Using an XQuery transformation to map between the different data

Working Efficiently with OSB Artifacts in Eclipse OEPE

·         Defining a folder structure for the OSB project

·         Importing an already existing project into Eclipse OEPE

·         Using context menu to add nodes and actions to message flow

·         Moving nodes/actions in Eclipse OEPE by drag-and-drop

·         Copying nodes/actions from one place to another

·         Moving artifacts inside the same OSB project

·         Copying artifacts from one project into another

·         Deploying the OSB configuration from Eclipse OEPE

·         Debugging services through Eclipse OEPE

Branching in OSB

·         Operation Based Routing

·         Conditional Based Routing


Message Flow Best Practices

·         Static Routing

·         Service Callout ( Message Enrichment )

·         Split-Joins

·         Dynamic Routing in OSB


Transports in Oracle Service Bus

·         File Transport

o   Write

o   Read


·         JMS Transport

o   Queues and Topic creation

o   Queue JMS producer

o   Overwrite properties of JMS Queue using OSB

o   Topic JMS Producer

o   Durable and Non Durable in JMS

o   Queue JMS consumer

o   Topic JMS consumer

o   Message Filtering in JMS

·         JCA Transport


Debugging with OSB

§  Error Handling in Oracle Service Bus

§  Configuring Validation in Oracle Service Bus

§  OSB Reporting and Logging

Oracle Service Bus Security

·         Introduction to OSB Security

·         Message Level Security

o   Extending OSB with OWSM

o   Configuration of OWSM with OSB

o   Securing with Username Token Policy

o   Securing OSB with Message Protection Policy

·         Transport Level Security

o   Pass through

o   Static

o   Mapping


Load Balancing

·         Message Throttling

·         Work Manager

Miscellaneous Concepts

·         Java Callout

·         Exporting and Importing of projects and Resources

·         Customization file creation and execution

·         Migrating resources to different environments