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Sadguru Technologies is the INDIA’s leading provider of ONLINE/OFFLINE Training programs imparted by techsavvy trained faculty, provider of pratical,life exposure oriented working environment in the form of state-of-art infrastructural lab facility, provider of adequate sitting arrangements having customized digital based learning systems with co-coordinators, clarifications regarding doubts raised by students. AtSadguru Technologies the mode of training and the course content for the diverse training programs differs upon the participants and their requirements.Sadguru Technologies is recognized to be the connoisseur in providing the best training programs to the candidates or inclined to be feature software professiuonal, we are backed by 24*7 services, providing Technical work support services by phone/E-mail

Looking for that extra boost for your company? Our Assessments and Custom Courseware services have been designed with the unique requirements of Corporate and Government entities in mind.

Our philosophy is quite simple. We believe that learning does not end in the classroom, but is a 24/7/365 activity. Every successful entrepreneur, change agent, and leader in our lifetime has one common thread binding them together. Continuous learning. We believe that all of you have the drive, the determination and the ambition to play a leadership role and make a success of your professional career. We have the tools you need to put your career in the fast track.

We have a pervasive learning platform that adapts to the kind of learner you are. We understand that each and every one of you learns differently. While some learners thrive in a classroom setting, others thrive while learning at their own pace and on their own time. At, we recognize your uniqueness and provide you with multiple learning pathways to address your individual needs. We have meticulously structured your coursework so that you have a balanced mix of classroom learning, self-paced learning and applied learning such that your time, your efforts, and your career goals are fully leveraged.

24/7/365 access to your learning portal wikis, chat rooms, discussion forums and blogs to make your learning collaborative and fun.

Well researched tech articles, white papers, journals, and case studies in our document management system (available to you via contextual/indexed search engines on the platform) to supplement the course materials provided to you.

  • World class content, licensed from leading IT content providers of the world.
  • Instructional design tools, techniques and methodologies to make your learning comprehensive.
  • A live virtual classroom application which provides you with an instructor pool from across the globe.
  • My Courses, which allows you to access your courses, course material, course calendar, course schedules, and more importantly to connect with your instructors and fellow classmates.
  • Assessment Engine which provides you with pre and post assessment testing that allows you to benchmark yourself against your peers.
  • Virtual Machines - Do you want to work on your own development sandbox? Crash a system, burn the midnight oil reading through log files, and finally recover the system. Experience applied learning in a new dimension.
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    Project Support

    As a leading online Training services institute, we specialize in providing total project support solutions to fresher’s, students, consultants and organizations across all Courses, anywhere in the world. Because we believe that learning the finer nuances of the course is an important criterion for mastering the subject, we ensure that learners who come to us for their project support gets a through grip of it.

    Through the implementation of a 24X7 live system and a force of technically savvy professionals, we are open to assist you in any phase of your project. We offer a need-based, on-demand, on-time and within-budget project support guidance and not just an overview of syntax and techniques. Our combination of infrastructural strength and proven teaching models on various courses has helped many learners accomplish their career goals.