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Support Highlights

Sadguru Technologies possess the following abilities and skills that are very much in need for enabling the youth of today to be equipped with They are as follows:

  • 1.To encourage employers to take ownership of their jobs in striving for personal excellence
  • 2.Be knowledgeable in sharing resources and referrals
  • 3.To make youth of today realize that their job responsibilities are clear and useful
  • 4.Discuss skills that are needed and essential for the youngsters of today to be successful in doing their jobs effectively
  • 5.Providing opportunities for increased responsibility and career advancement.
  • 6.Give honest recognition for work achievements and efficiency
  • 7. Support performance development

With regard to the above mentioned aspect sadguru technologies is equipped with the following specialized inputs for furthering the goals of today’s youth to be achieved in the following ways:-

  • 1. To encourage employees to do an honest assessment of the job responsibilities and determine where they may have skill shortfalls or skills not being fully utilized
  • 2. To discuss and create a development plan during the performance planning cycle
  • 3. Endorseemployee’s attendance at classes and activities that support the unit’sobjectives, developments, plans and goals.
  • 4. To discuss what employees learned in classes and support integration of new ideas or methods into their work related responsibilities
  • 5.To provide opportunities for employees to develop through :-

    •    a. Supervisor and peer coaching
    •    b. Cross-training
    •    c. Rotating work assignments
    •    d. committee and task force assignments
    •    e. Mentoring
    •    f. Internships
    •    g. Campus staff organizations
    •    h. Professional associations
    •    i. Skill assessment programs
    •    j. Extension programs